Who Is Mariyasa?

In short, we are professional photographer and videographer based in Bali who focus on wedding, pre-wedding, and family event. Let's scroll down to know us better!

Everything started from a dream. Either it’s a small dream, or an almost-impossible one. Nothing can beat the power of believing in dream that would become true.

Hi, my name is I Ketut Edy Mariyasa, a Balinese man. My dream was simple as well. Born on 22nd March 1989 in Ekasari – a typical small village at the western part of Bali, I grew up believing that someday I would be able to travel around the world.

This behind the scene video taken from pre-wedding photo session of Mega and Hendra at Pinggan, Kintamani, Bali. Watch their pre-wedding video to look closer at Mount Batur scenery as their cinematic video background.

When I was a kid, living in a village means you only have limited access of technology. It was kind of luxury at that time, but still, so interesting for me. That’s why by the time I graduated my high school, with a distance only about two hours from my home, I continued my study at Undiksha Singaraja as my university. A strong interest of update in technology made me chose Management of Informatics as my study program. In 2010, I finished my grade.

Fall In Love With Photography 

Then, life gave me a new, different kind of interest: photography. Starting from a friend who introduced me to digital photography, I began to grow fond of and learned it more and more. Especially because digital photography using technology as its base, I felt so familiar and could apply the knowledge I’ve got from college. But nothing came easy, owning a camera really costed much more than I had at that time.

While collecting money to buy my own device, I didn’t mind to borrow camera from others as long as I could learn. Finally I got a Nikon Entry Level camera, which led me to deepen my skill as I also worked at a photo studio in Tabanan. There I learned how to take a picture of people with better technique and in the editing process too.

Wedding Type Photography Get My Attention

Mary and Cau seems happy in their wedding ceremony. This photo taken before doing their wedding vow. Have a chance to capture this beautiful moment when they look at each other is one of my reason why I’m happy doing this bussiness.

Sometimes we did photoshoot outside the studio, for capturing the beauty of places that we took as background while still being focused on the model. I found it as a challenging one, shot the memorable prewedding and wedding photos. I liked how the lense could catch the expression of the people from their eyes and body gesture. It was like watching other people’s dream became true. Don’t you think it’s amazing?

And from that moment, I think that wedding photography field attracted most of my attention. I began to feel comfortable, feel fit in this field, and really enjoy the challenge when doing a wedding or pre-wedding project.

Here I learned something important that being someone who responsible for documenting a sacred moment that can not be repeated or replaced and then present it in a beautiful work so that each moment has its own unique story is not an easy peasy thing.

The Early Day As Freelance Photographer

It was only about ten months before I decided to left my job there. Not an easy decision, because the coworkers and the owner have been like my own family. But I thought if I moved to Denpasar, tried to become an independent, a freelance photographer, I would get more experiences than I got from just one place.

This is me, when trying hard to get understand everything about wedding and pre-wedding photo shoot. Practice makes perfect!

And yes, Denpasar is sure a broad area. There I met a lot of new friends whom shared the same interest as mine. We shared our knowledge and experience each other and that’s when I began to get to know new perspective way of photography.

I have to learn and understand many things to find the right direction to be involved in this world of wedding photography. And everything that I got was increasingly sharpening what I have been known that time. And guess what? It continues until now!

This time, I really can feel and realize a well-known quote: the more we explore a thing, the more we realize how much we do not know. So classic!

I am lucky to be able to witness precious moments, which are not only owned by young people, but also adults. And being trusted to to capture that moments is an honor for me.

Going Confident To Use Mariyasa As A Brand

By the end of 2013, I finally found my own characteristic in photography and used it with Mariyasa Art Photo as the mark of my work. As time goes by, I meet a lot of great people in my life. Whether it’s from the photographer community or even from my own client. I have been trough a various moment that gave me a very valuable experience.

And that unexpected moment happened. In mid-2017 I found this two brilliant guys, Angga and Wahyu. On several occasions, we collaborate together on some wedding or pre-wedding projects. And the result is damn good. Because of the mutual feelings, the teamwork chemistry, and the same vision about wedding photography, I then invited them to join me as an important part of my brand.

  • This is Wahyu, our talented videographer. His taste for capturing moments is quite rare. Rather than directed the model, he prefer to capture every natural moves and in the end he blend it all together in a harmony. Seems interesting, isn’t he?
  • I believe that wedding photography or videography bussiness not only merely about documented photos or videos, but it involved something more important: memories.

Since then, brand Mariyasa Art Photo has shifted into Mariyasa. Being more simple, practical,  and expected to be a solid professional team to give our client the very best what we can do in the world of wedding photography and videography, especially in our own homeland, the lovely Bali.

Can you believe that we are actually a relative? I never expected that I will meet my own family in this bussiness model and make a great-solid team. Life is full of surprise!

Now, we, “The Three Musketeers” of Mariyasa with full confident tell you that we have been ready to give you what you are probably looking for to make your wedding, pre-wedding, or the other family time to looks good as your desire, to make you happy, to present the joy, to celebrate the sacred moment, and finally to make it memorable!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Can you do the photo or video shoot in other cities or countries?

Yes, we’d love to. Please contact us for the details so we can get to you easier. It’s better if we get the information and confirmation as soon as possible, so we can prepare the best for capturing your precious day.

Do you need appointment before the D-day?

Of course we do. It’s important to check for the location and get the information about the day, so when the time comes, we can get the perfect angles without disturbing any other people.

Just to make sure, do you have any replacement if you can’t do the shoot on the D-day?

Yes. We work as a team, so don’t worry, your D-day is still safe with us.

What are the payment terms?

As confirmation to use our services, we need 50% for down payment, and the rest can be settled after doing the shoots.

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review from Bridestory

Thiago and Jessica

Fantastic photos!

Edy was easy to work with and communicate with, always on time and did exactly what we asked! The pictures turned out great, we love them. And will recommended to anyone wanting professional photos in Bali!

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review from Bridestory

Kenjy and Ariz

Surprise Proposal Event

Edy’s team was great. Easy to go with and perfectly executed this surprise proposal. I highly recommend Mariyasa for any event in Bali.

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