Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do your services cover in general?

As you can see from the main menu above, yes, we’re doing pre wedding (engagement) shoot, wedding day coverage, family (or holiday) shoot.

About the photo shoot, do you provide your services in other cities or countries?

Yes, we do. But don’t forget to schedule an appointment first to help us get to you easier.

How do you direct the clients, for example, the couple when you are capturing their moments of their wedding?

We believe communication is the key, that’s why we need to meet up one day before. We will check the location before the photo or video shoot is taken. So, we won’t disturb the others and can follow the procession of your event (e.g. wedding) from the best angle. If it is a kind of private photo shoot (without many people or guests around), we tend to tell jokes and make them enjoy the situation so we could get the perfect pictures.

If you become unavailable on the D-day, do you have replacement?

Yes. Don’t worry, we have everything on our control. So, when the D-day come, your event will be handled well.

How about the payment method and terms?

To make it professional, we need 50% for confirmation, and the other 50% will be charged after the shoots are done. We accept payment by bank transfer, PayPal or cash.

How far in advance should we, the clients, contact you?

You may check here for the availability, but we prefer 2 to 6 months for maximizing our preparations.

What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, is it a requisite for us, the clients, to provide your meal?

Our clients usually prepare the meal for us, but we can provide it by ourselves. Please don’t hesitate to inform us before the D-day.

How long does it take for us, the clients, to receive the final products?

Mostly the final products will be ready within 1-2 weeks for photo shoot or 1-2 months for video, also depends on request. 

Crap! I couldn’t find my questions answered. Now what should I do?

Take it easy. Just contact us here, and we will gladly answer everything you want to know.