Yardong Family Photo Shoot In Westin Bali

Yardong Family came to Bali and stayed as VIP guests at Westin Hotel Nusa Dua. Planned to have vacation, they also wanted to have family photo shoot in Westin Hotel. Two mothers with each one daughter of theirs asked to Dede Permana in sales department to look for available photographer. By little negotiation, we had a deal to take one hour photo shoots around Westin (garden and beach area).

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Journey From Brazil, End With Cheerfulness Wedding In Bali

I would like to tell you about my first job I got from Bridestory which was a multi request: photography and videography for Brazil wedding. The project started with a tough negotiation about the price with the client who were from Brazil and also staying in Jakarta. After getting the down payment, we planned to meet the documentation and wedding organizer team one day right before “the day”.

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Surprise Engagement Photo Shoot In Bali, From Kenjy And Ariz

Hi there. This time I’d tell you about our photo shoots with a lovely couple, Kenjy and Ariz in a surprise engagement photo shoot. They were actually from Phillipines, but because of their jobs, Kenjy stayed in Arab while Ariz in Thailand. Yep, right, they were LDR couple.

Kenjy and Ariz were very humble and modest. I had no idea of what getting into Kenjy’s mind so he decided to take Ariz on holiday in Bali. And without Ariz knowing he actually wanted to use this chance to propose Ariz. He only told Ariz that they would use photographer to capture their special holiday. She definitely didn’t know Kenjy’s plan at all.

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