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In this time, I want to share you about our story in wedding The Knot of Edgar and Angelica. In first time somebody contact me via Bridestory. Rima, She told me, she is wedding organizer. She ask me about wedding photography and film and also pre-wedding photo. After long discussion, we already agreed about price and date. After 6 month, finally we met. Rima as wedding organizer and also sibling of groom, Edgar as a groom and Angelica as a bride. We met at Gloria Jeans Coffee. after met, I finally know Edgar was Indonesian, and stay in Timor. But he already moved to Australia since Indonesian Conflict with Timor Leste ( before Timor Timur ) and Angie as a bride, she came from Philippine and stay in Australia. In this meeting, we talk about each other and also about event. 

Rima ” Edgar Sibling “

Edgar and Anggie doesn’t have much time in Bali but they want to have a good pictures before their wedding. They want to have pre-wedding photo session and you know what? Photo session was 3 days before their wedding. It’s a challenge for us to work very fast. in their wedding day photo print  should be ready. and yes, we can make it. 

Pre-wedding Session Before Wedding

Pre-wedding session was separate by 2 session. First session in Ayana Villas and second session in the next day at Melasti Beach. In Ayana, Edgar and Anggie choose formal style cause Anggie also have Make Up trial on that day. In Ayana we can take pictures around Villas and Beach. Here some of the pictures

 and for pre-wedding in Melasti Beach they decided in the next day with more casual style. 

Wedding Preparation

Two days is more than enough for us to finish their pre-wedding until print. I bring their photo print in the ceremony day. Ceremony was in Ayana Villas at Tresna Chapel. This is one of the best wedding chapel in Bali. After we arrived in Ayana, we wen to Preparation room near Tresna Chapel. We taken some pictures and filming some details and getting ready. Edgar with 3 groomsmen and Angie with 3 bridesmaid. 

They are their friends from around the world and their siblings.

Time to The Knot

Edgar came to Chapel with his groomsmen. He wait their couple in front of altar for the knot. All guesses standing, and brides come. Before ceremony, we make 2 team. One photographer and one videographer follow groom and the other follow bride. When bride came, one team already in the chapel and one team still outside chapel to filming bride went to aisle.  I can see Edgar cry went Angie’s came. He cried because of happy. Angie also fill the same and cry. It’s so touchy for me and I feel happy also to see the moment like this.

We capture every moment in this ceremony and we are not forget to create something special in this moment. 

Angie go to Chapel
Edgar Crying
Creative Shoot

Photo around Ayana Villas

After wedding ceremony, we still go around chapel area to take some good pictures. We start from chapel, go outside Tresna Chapel, and near the cliff.

Prepare Wedding Reception

One hour is enough for photo session after the knot. We all went to Villa Anugrah in Pecatu for wedding reception. we also have request for Same Day Edit Video and will be played in the middle of wedding reception. So our video team prepare for it. We have a couple hour for take a rest before we take preparation shoot again. For  wedding reception, groom style is not to formal as wedding ceremony. Edgar and his groomsmen was changed their style like mafia in the movie. 

Groom Squad Mafia Style

We taken group photos and also video before wedding reception. 

Villa Anugrah is a good villa as wedding venue. They have big pool and can use it with floating stage. at down floor, have a lot of room and some space for cocktails. and it’s our first time to have wedding here. 

Party Start

Party start at sunset time. It’s really beautiful here. you can see sunset also because it is cliff venue. Music play and yes, they came. Bridesmaid, groomsmen and also couple. They are really happy and Edgar also dancing when entrance. Edgar is a good dancer. His friends call him a dancing king.

Dancing King

In this moment, everyone was blended. Good music and a lot of drink became everyone enjoy in this time. In the middle, I give Edgar flash drive with Same Day Edit Video. But instead he told me to stop taking picture and enjoy this party. After every rundown finish, we prepare our stuff and take in safe place then you guess what? We were party there. Blended with everyone. Edgar also introduce me to his friends. Hi is very humble person.

Same Day Edit

We blended in the party. Everyone enjoy the music and drink. So do we. But we wait it until our Same Day Edit play. Until 12.00 that video was not played. 

This video is tie The Knot at Ayana in the Morning. Edgar saw it in the next day and they were very happy.

We were really happy to have this wedding. and till now we still keep contact.


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