Engagement Photo in Ubud Bali

Ubud Destination

Ubud is a one of the best tourist destination in the world and a favorite place when tourist go to Bali. in this place, we can find Balinese culture with beautiful landscape. Ubud is not like another destination in Bali. Ubud is more quiet. a small place with a lot of traditional and art market, rice terraces, waterfall, beautiful forest with Bali Monkey, and weather is cold. and it’s really good for taking photo in Bali.

Perfect Choice 

My Client Kelman and Charmain from Singapore have choose Ubud for their place to doing engagement photo shoot in Bali. They love Ubud vibes. For me as a photographer, I can take photos everywhere and in every situation. But for tourist, I should give some advice to choose some iconic place. And for 4 hours photo session, We can do in two locations. First location in Rice Terraces in Tegalalang. That is one of the most chosen location for photo shoot in Bali. Rice Terraces in Tegalalang is like a Stairs. It’s do beautiful. The perfect time for taking pictures in that location is in the morning.

Unpredictable Weather

But that morning is not like our predict. You guessed what? Yes, it’s rain.  

Tegalalang Rice Terraces / Ubud Rice Terraces
Photo shoot in rain

What we can do? Then we wait. We wait till the rain stop. Rain had stop for couple minutes. We were hurry to take pictures and make some pose in good background. After a couple minutes, rains come again and we take a break for a while.

even it’s rain, they’re still happy

Rain stop, and we back again to doing some shoot till we get what we need.

Second Location

The second location is not less interesting than the first location. The second location is Blangsinga Waterfall. This waterfall is not to far from Tegalalang Rice Terraces. It’s about 30 minutes from there.

Why Blangsinga Waterfall?

Blangsinga waterfall is one of the best waterfall in Bali. If you come from another direction, it will call Tegenungan Waterfall. But it’s a same place. The different is if you come from Blangsinga, you will pay one time and you can access this waterfall form top and you still can go down. Not like if you come from Tegenungan Direction. It will be double charge for photo shoot. In Blangsinga, their staff was really care about their guest. They Stay in some spot to looking their guest.

keep watching their guest to make sure everyone save

Change Style

In this location, Kelman and Charmain still using same dress. We start taking pictures from the bottom of waterfall. So we get good view of waterfall. After some shoots, they want to changes. They want more casual. With casual style they can more flexible with that style.

Swing at Blangsinga Waterfall
Charmain smile

We are not just taking picture at the bottom of waterfall, but we explore around location. even it dangerous spot, we keep try to get a good result. But safety is priority. 

Blangsinga Waterfall

Last But Not Least 

We are really happy to get a great couple like this. Even it’s rain in first location, it doesn’t kill their mood so we keeps improve. Happy couple makes photographer happy to take picture. Hopefully Kelman and Charmain still keep their good energy and have a great future.

Photo Gallery 


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